Acid Cigars

Acid cigars are another brand of cigars that was recently created. However, their quality, leadership and marketing processes have allowed them to become one of the most known brands in the market.

Acid cigars were founded by Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel in 1995, under the name Drew Estate. That is a very short time in the cigar industry. They imported the materials and made their cigars themselves. They developed a new blend called La Vieja Habana, which they sold at the Word Trade Center mall. The brand was a success, and it became the first cigar of Acid Cigars and the cornerstone of their future businesses.

They had so much success that they decided to change the location of their factory, and they moved to Nicaragua. It was a huge step for Acid cigars, and a bet that was too risky at the time, but that eventually paid off. In those times, Hurricane Mitch had recently devastated the area, which resulted in incredibly low prices, as many investors were afraid of setting themselves in the area for fear of another disaster. This was also considered when thinking about relocating Acid cigars, but eventually they decided to go for it.

They arrived to the island were ill prepared, as they themselves recognize now. Jonathan Drew did not even speak a word of Spanish back then and had to learn to drive a stick shift, which he had never done before. Also, the day they opened their first Acid cigars factory in the island, only two employees showed up for work.

Jonathan Drew decided to compensate for his lack of preparedness with hard work and dedication. He experimented day and night in an infusion process that was unheard of at the time. In time, his work yielded results and he started to gain the respect of the people in the region. Eventually, he and Samel met Scott Chester, and became partners in order to produce and market these cigars. Scott owned an art studio called ACID, which stands for Arielle Chester Industrial Design. The name caught on and Acid cigars as they are now called were born.

The rest, as they say, is history. Acid cigars are now one of the most sought after brands in the world. They offered a process that infused quality herbs and botanical essences into the leafs of tobacco used in cigars. This, as anyone who knows about cigars, gives them a very distinctive flavor that separates Acid cigars from all other cigars in the world. There have been others who have tried to copy their system. However, Acid cigars will always be known as the ones who started it.

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