Anri Wood Carvings

Anri wood carvings are a phenomenon that have defied expectations and have grown into a beloved institution cherished by millions for over five decades. Anri wood carvings use the finest wood to create sculptures that defy explanation and trump definition. Anri wood carvings are created under the highest standards and only certain woods, such as maple, alpine, ash and pear are suitable enough to make the cut.

To make sculptures worthy of anri wood carvings, the anri company employs only the top master carvers in their field. This tradition dates back to the 1930's, when Anri was first making a name for itself among wood lovers. This was also around the time that Anri's unrelenting dedication to quality was made evident by the lengthy tests of quality that Anri imposed on each finished product.

The popularity of Anri carvings is evident in the plethora of catalogs and price guides devoted to the many anri products through the ages. While it is true that anri carvings are among the finest in the world, anybody who is interested in creating their own wood carvings should not feel insecure about learning the craft. Appreciating the beauty of the art of wood carving is the first step towards trying it out for yourself.

A fine set of quality wood carving tools can be found for under two hundred dollars in many cases and a basic set is perfect for instilling a sense of wonder and ability in a novice woodcarver. Most basic sets come with a variety of carving blades that are meant to shape the wood in the different ways and angles necessary to create the vast depth of possibilities available in woodcarving. A good idea would be to consult a few wood carving instructional booklets to allow the novice wood carver to get a basic understanding of the craft. Many hardware stores and commercial warehouses sell specialty wood carving booklets that are full of ideas for an amateur wood carver. Book stores are also a great place to start when looking for books about wood carving.

While there are few craftsmen who are able to replicate the immense beauty of anri wood sculptures, the appreciation for such fine art can certainly help somebody who has always been curious about wood carving to delve into the world. There is no telling how much potential somebody has until they try. One thing is certain, however; once somebody starts on the path of wood carving, there is usually no turning back.

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