Black Cat Fireworks

Black Cat Fireworks is the most famous brand of fireworks in the United States of America. At least if you believe the surveys conducted by the Persuadable Research Corporation.

This corporation just completed their fourth fireworks season survey, which they conduct every year. And for the 4th time in a row, they have declared Black Cat fireworks the number 1 brand of fireworks in the United States of America.

Of course, Black Cat Fireworks has not wasted time in posting this information on their website. After all, in a market so competitive as the fireworks industry, and with the recession times we are living through, every company is trying to get as much help as it can get. And such an announcement can really boost any companys image in the mind of costumers.

The survey conducted by the Persuadable Research Corporation was carried out online, and it had a sample of 500 respondents from every region of the United States of America, and with people representing all demographic groups. This is important, because otherwise, the results of the survey would not be representative of the population, and would lead to misleading results. On the other hand, we believe that the number of respondents was a little too low, specially if you take into account that the survey was conducted online, and thus it had a reach potential that only the Internet can give, for a very low price.

One of the most important questions in the survey was whether the costumers were aware of the brand, that is, if they knew it and could identify it. This result is important for companies such as Black Cat Fireworks, which rely on their image and their brand to sell. Fortunately for Black Cat Fireworks, the result of the survey indicated that 75% of the people surveyed were aware of the brand. This result is consistent with the results of the surveys of the previous three years.

Lastly, the results of the survey compare Black Cat Fireworks performance against its competitors. For example, when users were asked which brand they were most aware of, Black Cat Fireworks came in top, with 52% of users choosing it as their answer. That is more than half of the market, if we believe the survey to be representative. Other brands did not fare as well. Its closest competitor was TNT, which received 31% of preferences. If this were a presidential race, Black Cat Fireworks would win by a landslide. Phantom and Brothers got only 12% and 2% of the users preferences, respectively.

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